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----------------------------------Orby ----------------------------------

No interrupting adverts – You only see an advert if you choose to skip a level. (Max 12 Adverts)

Orby is a simple yet challenging skill game. Collect pickups, avoid obstacles and grow your tail.

---------------------------Orby Information---------------------------

is a skill based game about collecting pickups. Orby moves around
either clockwise or anticlockwise based on game mode. You must collect
the required number of pickups on a level while avoiding your tail and
obstacles to win. Some game modes also have time limits and either
collecting a pickup or completing a tail extends your time. Running out
of time is Game Over. This is explained in further detail in the

Orby has 3 unique game modes. Challenge, Tail++ and Classic.

Challenge mode is for the truly skilled Orby player. Each level you
complete is a real achievement and grants you bragging rights,

-- Tail++ is a time attack mode. Complete a tail
and earn more time but after each completed tail you'll need to collect
one more pickup. Your Tail++ scores are posted to Google Play

-- Classic mode is calmer in comparison to
Challenge and Tail++ and can be used to practice to your orbing skills.
This mode ends once you have picked up your 50th tail piece. Scoring is
based on how long it took you to collect 50 pickups. Your Classic scores
are posted to Google Play leaderboards.

------------------------------Orby Controls-----------------------------

Orby with one touch controls, holding down on screen to expand Orby's
orbit and releasing your touch to decrease Orby's orbit. Sounds easy,

------------------------------Orby Features-----------------------------

Free to Play.

No Micro-transactions.

No Interrupting Adverts.

Maximum 12 Adverts Shown.

12 Challenging Levels.

3 Varied Game Modes.

In Depth Tutorial.

Google Play Leaderboards and Achievements.

------------------------------Orby Updates------------------------------

We have updates planned for the future and welcome you to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thank You,

The BitHat Team.

TagsAbstract, Arcade, hard, Neon, snake
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button
LinksHomepage, BitHat

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